Letters from God

""Do your best to present yourself to God,  rightly handling the word of truth."

                                               - 2 Timothy 2:15

Paul is challenging Timothy to "doing your best" in understanding the message of the Gospel. The challenge for all of us is to understand the message of the Bible. The literary structure of the individual books of the Bible provides the foundational key to understanding the Word of God.  


My TOP PICK is The Bible Project video series. It is by far the best introduction to the Bible, outlining the central themes of each book. Click the video titled The Prophets and Poets for an example.

This link will connect you to an overview of the New Testament. To link to any book of the Bible, Google search " The Bible Project xxx," and add on any book of the Bible. (Ex. The Bible Project Matthew)

If video above does not open, copy and paste the below link into Google: https://thebibleproject.com/videos/new-testament-overview/ 

Having been linkedup with Scripture now be linkedup to the resource of the Gospel through the Ages.
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