One Gospel through the Ages

Cyprian, Bishop & Martyr in

The Centure Rome Almost Collapsed


Born in 200 AD  in Carthage, North Africa, Cyprian was the son of wealth pagan couple, Before his conversion, Cyprian was a leading member of a legal fraternity in Carthage, an orator, a "pleader in the courts", and a teacher of rhetoric. After a "dissipated youth", Cyprian was baptized at age thirty-five. After his baptism, he gave away his wealth to the poor of Carthage.

In 258, AD, Cyprian, a Bishop in the early Christian Church, was brought in by the Roman procouncil. Refusing to participate in the pagan rituals of Rome, Cyprian was found to be "an enemy to the gods and the religion of Rome; and the pious, most sacred and august Emperors." Cyprian was beheaded that same day 14 September 258.


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"I will build my Church"

                                     ~Matthew 16:18


The history of Christ's Church contains accounts of the fulfillment of Jesus' promise in the lives of his disciples. "The gospel of Jesus embodied in people" is the best description of God's people. The recorded sacrifices of God's people throughout the ages of Church have greatly encouraged my own spiritual life.  

The video link provided will connect you to a series of brief videos of heroic Christian lives that witness to the power of the Holy Spirit often in the face of great adversity. Dr. Ryan Reeves, Associate Professor of Historical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, is your tour guide through the history of Christ's Church.


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